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Glam body DARK self-tanner - 150 ml

Glam body DARK self-tanner - 150 ml

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Our That'so Glam Body Dark mousse is intensely hydrating for long-lasting results. Its foam formula requires the use of a tanning mitt for easy application and a result that meets your expectations which will last 3 to 4 days.

How to apply it

Exfoliate the skin with the rough side of the glove. Shake the bottle of self-tanner well. Place a small amount on the velvety side of the glove. Apply to the body using large circular movements. Wash your hands thoroughly after application. Let it air dry or blow dry for about 2 minutes or until your skin is no longer sticky.

- Ingredients: sugar cane extract, Aloe Vera
- DHA: 6%
- Tanning level: intense
- Tanning duration: 4 days
- Develops within 3-4 hours after application
- Product type: foam
- Area of ​​application: body
- Instant tan  

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